Friday, March 26, 2010

Restless Seas

I've been spending a lot of time lately exploring my creative side through photography and poetry. I have always been a scientifically minded person spending my time studying astronomy, psychology, quantum mechanics, and working in hard-core neuro-surgery and bio-psychology labs, but during the time I've studied magic the other part of my brain has been functioning at a higher level seeking integration with the more dominant left-brained part of me. Its been amazing, beautiful...I love being able to see the world through an artist's eye. You really do catch glimpses of things that normally you wouldn't take the time to see or experience. So, here's another poem I wrote recently. Its about love, because right now I'm in love with so many things. The world is opening itself up to me and the boundaries of mental constructs and opinionated living are falling away. Nothing is black and white, everything is One. Btw the picture above is one that I've taken over the past few months...its one of my faves :)

Restless Seas

My heart is sreaming out the winds of existence.

Something so real has come to take over.

Why is it that everytime she feels she

Spends her life pleasing others

Convinced its what brings life?

But now a sail has come to guide the boat

Not to overcome but

To become one with her

And conquer the restless seas.

She sees the sun on the horizon

Opening up a new found dawn.

The light penetrates weaving

New universes within her.

Is that how life on earth was created?

Not by a god, but a passion...

To move.

Can an atom fight the beautiful violence of passion?

Tell me,

When you are in love

Does the universe move for you?

It does in mine

It flips, and turns, ascends and descends

Creating beauty, and trust, sentiment, and fire

Binding together that which brings

Futures and pasts into co-existence,

Creating wholes where there were once holes.

Putting perfection to rest as it accepts all

And thus rests in true perfection.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Boyfriend is Ugly - A Poem

I was talking to someone the other day and was heart-broken after hearing their opinion that a mutual friend of ours should not date a particularly wonderful person because they deemed him unattractive. Obviously this is something that is common place....but I do yearn for a world in which everyone could truly look at each person for their internal quality. Thus I wrote this poem based on this conversation with my acquaintance as well as my own personal experience with dating someone who was not considered attractive by conventional means. They were amazing to me, totally hot...because they were so beautiful inside.

I wrote this in honor of all the people who aren't afraid to look past the outside, and for all the people who take time to better themselves on the inside. This poem, although written is meant to be preformed in a spoken-word format.

I have a boyfriend.
Some might say he's plain.
Some might even go as far as to say,
He's ugly.
Certainly, not attractive in the
Traditional sense.
But whenever I look at him
All I see is the sun shining forth,
Blessing people with his light.

Other guys have done
Nice things for me.
But, anyone can do that.
(Boys listen to what I'm about to say)
Open a door,
Pull out a chair,
Pour her a glass,
And then you believe
You treat her better than the rest.
And you forget
That flowers don't grow
On trinkets alone.

But he,
He tries to find what makes me tick,
What makes me bloom,
What makes my insides twist, and cry, and glow.
He listens,
Not only to my words
But to my body, my soul,the way my eyes flash
When he does something that makes me blush.
So he does it see a reaction,
To test my make me smile.

Yes, you might say he's unattractive
But then he's so damn funny.
And his brain is a masterpiece in motion.
I love to watch it work, and whirl, and smoke.
Cute guys are so dead behind the eyes.

If a house looks like shit on the outside
And its a fucking mansion inside...then I'll take
The maid, the butler, and those damn comfy pillows.
I don't care about the neighbors...let them think
I'm slumming while I drink champagne.

Cute boys and girls might not ever have to work
At being better on the inside.
(Although I give props to those that do)
They just get everything for free.
While their house is in decay
They think you should pay
To park in their garage.
And when you do, you get jacked
Like your in the ghetto
But instead of your rims getting "stole"
Its your soul.

You say my boyfriend's ugly
But I say your eyes are weak
Maybe its his Light,
The intensity of it shining so brightly
Its hard to look directly in and come out
The same.
He'll change you, you'll grow
And find yourself looking
At the beauty of life
Just a little bit more.