Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vision Of The Tree

Recently I have been practicing a simple, but very special technique meant to further solidify my being with the Osirian current. It is interesting how the more refined my states of consciousness become...the more simplistic and modest the techniques are that I am called to use. I still take time to preform more complex ritual because each one is special and brings along with it a certain initiatory current. But, it seems like when I am in the refining stages of the current more simplified rituals which focus on bringing me into very deep state of consciousness seem to work best. Here is an example...

The other day when I was practicing this Osirian/Yeheshua based meditation I entered into a very deep state of consciousness and began to have a vision. Part of it must remain with me only, but I was guided to share the second half of it with you. It begins with my re-birth in the form of a seed.

Trapped inside the atmosphere is tenebrous and cramped. I feel as if I am suffocating and my head begins to swim with the urge to break free. I am no longer meant to be here, in this state. I begin pressing on the inside of the shell trying to break free, trying to extend my legs and arms outward from the fetal position. Suddenly a crack! and light bursts through flooding my eyes with blindness. Before I can even get my bearings I begin to feel my body expanding outwards, my arms taking the form of shoots, the verdigris fibers stinging my nose with a fresh and equally bitter tang. My legs begin to endure taking on the form of roots, the stretching and expanding uncomfortable my muscles forming twisted caverns beneath the ground. Growing up, out, down my consciousness becomes crystal clear, shooting out unto the ends of the universe. My body becomes hard and flexible, giving it both stability and the ability for energy to flow through my veins and out to the furthest extension of my being. My arms begin to stretch out to the sides and up forming branches and leaves. Pores patterning themselves throughout the leaves calling forth great breaths of Light, for it is not air that they are breathing but the source of brightness above which is shining down. Up ahead is a glorious Light sources raining its brilliance down upon me. It feeds and nourishes me, and every inch of my body strives to taste it through my leaves, my bark, and my fingertips which are now full branches. Birds begin to settle into my arms, making nests, feeding and living off the Light, protected by me, creating a perfect symbiotic and unified relationship. As I look down I see my roots, the furthest away from the Light, covered in a ubiquitous darkness. I begin to understand how even though all is created from one source, and feeds off the Light, their life experience can be so different. One part living far away from the Light, another so close...yet still one and the same. I witness as a branch begins to bring forth luscious fruits...candy red apples. Apples start to spring up throughout the entire tree, and I begin to think about how we are all connected, although living in our own microcosm. Then I see one apple fall, only one, the others stably affixed to the tree and it rolls unsteadily on the ground. Suddenly a hand explodes from the earth underneath and grabbing fervently at the apple it disappears. Confused, I turn to listen to myself...and hear the message. Everyone is given the opportunity to receive the fruits of the Divine..but if one should abuse this gift, or turn away from it, they shall be severed from the tree and returned to the earth.

Your comments will be warmly welcomed :)

Nosce Te Ipsum
Soror FSO


  1. grin. I've been trying to point out that the more advanced one is, the simpler (or more modest) one's activities and ideas become. I say this mostly in defense of Lon DuQuette's work but to some extent my own as well. I love the insight about light and darkness within the same being.

  2. I know with music I have this thing where I play to a point of pure abstraction, pure obliteration of the idea in place until it has reached a point where my mind is no longer capable of formulating any sense in what is being drawn and that idea in a sense died. Now from that point, with the given time it takes to get back to a stable root of where I had started off the idea in a sense has streched becoming more of itself than where it started off.

    A clock maker however might disagree with you =]