Thursday, April 30, 2009

Osiris vs. Yeshua

Ooooo, I know! the title sounds so combative, but in no means have I meant it to be so. I do hope that is has wetted your apetite. I promised at the end of my blog yesterday that I would muse about the experiential natures and differences between Osiris and Yeshua. Remember that this is a blog based on my own experiences, and not scholastic endevor, so please leave your "Booky Wook" knowledge at the door...

Osiris, Ra, and Yeshua all come from the same egregore of being Solar Dietis who had experienced having elements of themselves destroyed and renewed. However, I would not say that any of them could be likened specifically to another, not even Osiris and Yeshua...although they are very closely related. If we look at the differnces in the Inner and Outer Orders of the Golden Dawn it will be easy for us to understand how they are both related, why they should both be utilyzed, but why it is more appropriate for the Adept to move into working with the egregore of Yeshua.

In the Outer Order the goal of the student is to work on his or her own microcosm. This involves taking each element, seperating it, purifying it, and then placing it back together under the presedency of the Spirit. For this type of work, attempting to unite with Osiris is best due to the fact that the legends and energy surrounding him focus on Osiris as an individual being torn apart, and then resurrected on a more perfected level. To clarify, this act is associated with the microcosmic individual. Yeshua, also had the elements of his body destroyed, but the purpose was one of a selfless nature, to help all of mankind achieve the same exhaltation of being united with the Ineffable. This is why Osiris is more microcosmically signifigant for the Outer Order initiate and why he is placed on the throne as Hierophant, he represents the completed Work of the Outer Order initiate whose goal it is to perfect his microcosm.

By the time the initiate reaches Adeptus Minor, the hope is that he/she will have progressed far enough into the work to have unified with Osiris. Now, this does not mean he/she is absolutly perfected, but now he should have a certain amount of control over those lesser elements so that he can begin the next stage of the Work, for a good paper on this subject go to

Now, the Work of the initiate begins to expand outside of his/her microcosm. The Work that he is to undertake will not only help to further purify himself, but will now be applied to helping others do the same. This is why the egregore of Yeshua is far more powerful. The role of Yeshua as a Solar Diety is one of self-sacrifice and selflessness to attain enlightenment. This takes place on both the terrestrial (helping younger brethren, working at the Temple, getting together grade materials etc...) and the spiritual ( working toward humilty, detachment, simplicity etc...)

What I have found from my personal experience is that working with Osiris gives me a great feeling of streangth and refreshment and it gives me great power in my ritual work. With Yeshua I feel the deeper spiritual gifts being awakened in me, a deep sense of holiness, peace, and joy. As a Rosicrucian I work with Yeshua on a daily basis. I have found that not only am I enoying the fruits of the spirit more frequently,(love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control) becoming a person of higher integrity, but my magical power is being drawn from subtler and more powerful fields of existance, ones that are more deeply connected to the Spirit. Thus, I love to work with Osiris when I am trying to gain control over my elemental nature (toughts, feelings, passions)but, being devoted to Yeshua allows me to work with the most subtle and powerful essences of the spirit. I couldn't have gotten to the latter without the former, and I think that is exactly what the Golden Dawn system was aiming for, to give one a bridge through work with the Osirian current so one could more fully give themselves over the Greater Mysteries.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Osiris to Ra- A Magical Working

I like to complement my scholastic work with ritual work. Recently, I have been doing some in depth research into the Pert-em Hru as a way to more deeply understand the 0=0 initiation. In it, it talks not only about how the initiate becomes united with Osiris, but how he then uses this relationship to further unify with Ra. We always talk about the former in the Golden Dawn, but never the latter. To me, this is unfortunate as it seems we forget a large piece of the puzzle. One could say that it is un-needed if one chooses to take the path of an Adept and explore the mystical Christian traditions, but I wanted to see for myself. Thus, today I decided that I would take upon myself the double godforms of Osiris and Ra so that I could feel the natural progression from one to the other, and notice the differences in energy as well as what happens when they become united.

Osiris is always an amazing godform to work with. Today I felt the constant cycle of regeneration emanating from me, as well as an invincible quality of the newly resurrected Osiris after he had been torn apart by Set. I contemplated the work of the Outer Order and how after you have had all the elements taken apart, purified, and placed back together you do feel an internal quality of wholeness, a state of consciousness that is constantly with you and allows you to maintain inward peace to a certain extent during all events. Now, for those of you who have been through Portal, you may agree that this is not an immediate transition. Learning to work with the Spirit element can be quite difficult, however, after the integration occurs a new state of consciousness, referred to as the Lesser Stone takes the place of the dried out, ripped apart feeling, you may have been experiencing due to the previous stages of internal alchemy. This state is that what was evoked in my during my work with Osiris, this state of a new self, an indestructible self that had weathered the storm.

Next, I took upon myself the Ra godform. I have done these godforms both separately before but never together. Immediately I was overcome with a sense of great power. It was a power of being a god of gods, rather then a god over men, as Osiris is. This was the power to create, as the sun gives life, and the power to destroy, as it can take it away. This was not an ego driven power, but instead the power of completion, the power to perfectly emanate the source energy from the indescribable Divine.

I sat and let the godforms integrate themselves into my sphere of sensation. I contemplated on the similarities between Osiris being torn apart by Set, and needing to be rejuvenated, and Ra having to face Apep on his nightly journey. It seems no matter which state of consciousness you reach there will always be a force trying to hinder you. However, in these cases that the inhibiting force merely acts as a ground to make the soul that much more powerful.

Now, how do I feel this compares to the Christian mysteries of the Inner? That I think will be the topic of tomorrow's blog...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Becoming Osiris, A Battle Cry

At one point during the long, often times, torturous climb up the mountain of Abiegnus, I had a very distinct experience that left me as a new person. This was very intimate, one that I am not at liberty to speak of in detail, but for lack of being able to give a proper description, we will call it attaining the Knowledge and Conversation with my Higher Genius... however I would attribute a much deeper description to the event...After this moment occured (now that I think of it, it was a melding of moments into one confirmation) I was over-joyed, humbled, shocked....there are so many words that can describe finally reaching a destination that one has sought for so long... but what I didn't realize was that it was actually just the start of the journey. The end is the beginning is the end...

If one were to refer to the Pert-em Hru, The Book of Coming Forth by Day, which the 0=0 initiation is based on, you will see that even after the initiate become purified and revivified as Osiris, he still has a long and arduous jouney before he reaches immortality.

Having the K&C does not mean that you have reached perfection. It means that you have gained the necessary tools to obtain it. You may have perfected the elements of your microcosm so that they work together seemlessly, as one unit to get you to your destination, rather than fighting against each other, but you are still have to face forces greater than yourself. After one has the ability to commune with thier Higher Genius, they have to use it to learn what thier purpose is, then fulfill it...this is a whole new aspect to the Great Work. It also means that you have to regularly use this great gift. Unfortunatly, just because you can speak to your HG and it may be knocking at your door, does not mean that you are opening it!

So, its important to remember, no matter which state of the Great Work you are at, that you keep the goal firmly in your mind, whether it be the K&C or to obtain the Philosopher's Stone. And when forces seek to throw you off the path, internally or externally, hold on strongly to the image of the Divine, whom all power is given through, that you will have the streangth to stay the course. Take upon yourself the perfected elements of Osiris and the streangth of Horus, and prepare for battle!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bornless Middle Pillar

After my "mini-crisis" I decided that it was time to get back to the basics. I have been doing a lot of Enochian work lately, mainly with the Seniors, and I thought it would be good for me to re-nourish myself with a Bornless Middle Pillar. (not that working with the Seniors is unourishing, but very ethereal and difficult to process) I wanted to concentrate specifically on the basics I learned with the regular Middle Pillar when I was a 0=0 since, from time to time, we get so enamoured by advanced magics, we forget about the power of the rubricks.

I began by taking a long time to sit in meditation and clear my mind. Even though I wanted to jump right into it, I made myself sit and wait until my Higher Genius told me to begin. As I sat and focused on my breath I went into a deep state of meditation. Then, without having to place the intention, the Kether sphere began to open up above me. Light began to shine down on me from above and envelope my whole being. A sense of calm peace and wholeness permeated throughout and I knew it was time. I stood up and began the Kabbalistic Cross, I focused with great intensity on my visulization and projecting the energy out into the universe, I continued with my banishings and other rites until it was time for the Middle Pillar.

I like to do my Middle Pillars sitting down, it helps me to focus more on my visualization. I preformed the exercise invoking and vibrating the proper Divine names, and circulating the Light throughout my being. I wanted to meditate on the words of the Invocation, which begins "I am the First and the Last", I read it first, to make sure I remembered the words, then sitting in my hightened state of awareness I let the words flow through my mind unceased by the material. Suddenly, I sensed that I was not in my body or in my self, but that I was in my Self, my True Self, the reflection of the Divine that is within me, this is known in the Western Mysteries as one's Higher Genius.

I saw and felt myself as the beginning of the creation of a universe, a ball of energy, with all the potential of the universe within me, contract, then expand exponetially! I then began to contract again, more slowly this time, until I was my original size...this cycle happened over and over again. It was breathtaking.

It was interesting for me to note that although a new universe was formed in each cycle, the old one was never completly destroyed, but instead used as the basis of the new universe. Thus, every universe was not only built on the ashes of the previous, but of every universe which had come before.

"Light in extension, Light rushing forth in one ray..." is what is said by the Hierophant in the 0=0
initiation. The Light never ends, it creates and uncreates itself, but it is never annihilated.


A friend of mine from high school recently started getting suspended ( if your not sure what I am talking about ) Over the years I have known others who have been suspended and have engaged in different forms of body modification myself, but at this particular time in life the subject affected me very deeply. In the past these acts were a way for me to express to the world who I was, and to see who would accept me. Now, it sang to me of a place that yearned for intensity of experience, the abilty to overcome the material with the spiritual.

I won't say that I have gotten into a "rut" with my magical practice, but I have been craving a deeper experience. Now, I have to mention that throughout the almost twenty years I have been studying mystical traditions and thier practices (yes I started when I was ten) it wasn't until I started practicing magic that I actually began to have the mystical experiences that I had been learning about. In fact, since I started my training, I have had mind-blowing, bring me to my knees weeping, light-showing, unexplainable things happen while being in the Temple. It seems almost crazy for me to say that I think I started taking this for granted. ( I'll need to meditate on Moses hitting the rock twice later)

When I saw the pictures of my friend's suspension I started to crave an even more intense experience. For those of you who dont' know much about this, it is often reported that one has out of body experiences, and attains higher states of awareness while undergoing suspension. I began to want to have my whole being shocked into another dimension. I began to obsess about it for days, staying up late at night and cruising the internet looking at pics of suspension, kadvali, and other ritual body modifications. After the initial high of "something new" wore off, I began to feel uneasy. I started to doubt my experiences, and reality in general. Hmmm...what goes up, must come down.

After talking to my husband I realized that I had been trapped in a state of mind that lusted for result, something I had learned about years earlier from the Yoga Sutras. In the realm of the spirit, this is a hefty trap that can be difficult to overcome. The illusion being that having a certain experience, or attaining a certain power, equals enlightenment. The Yoga Sutras talk about this is the section on "siddhis", extraordinary powers that yogis develop as a result of thier spiritual progression. It warns that one should not strive to have these powers (invisibility, walking through walls, flight etc...), but should seek the true power beyond them. Many a spiritual seeker get lured into becoming attached to these "pretties", and fall off the path. This, I think is also an important lessson for magicians who are studying High Magic (magic for self-development, and union with thier True Self).

It is easy to get caught up in attaining the powers of angels, or conrolling planetary and elementary forces. But we must remember that our goal is to use these forces to help us attain union with the Divine, and to reap spiritual gifts that will benefit all of mankind, not just ourselves. As one teacher of mine so aptly put, "You will become enlightened much faster if you seek to use it to help others become enlightened rather than just wanting it for yourself." As we discover, when we begin to ascend in our state of consciousness, The Lord our God, the Lord is One...we are one with the Divine, and we are one with each other. Thus, my brethern in the Light, let us not seek to do the work for ourselves, but for The Lord of the Universe. Let us pray that our spiritual gifts be given to others, so that we may all rise speedily to union with our True Selves.


I'd like to first mention to all my readers that my blogs will cover the subject of magic and self-development thru theurgy. Although I am a trained magician I will not discuss how to preform certain rituals, as I believe that you should be initiated and properly trained by a mentor. I will however direct you to sources that will give you proper training if you are interested, and discuss experiences etc...if you contact me. No one should have to go without the ability to be trained correctly if thier heart is truly in the Great Work. May you all stay the course and be united with your Higher and Divine Genius.