Monday, April 18, 2011

Your Soul For A Trinket?

Someone from another Order contacted a student of mine a few days ago and offered to "make him an Adept", "give him students" and a few other unmentionable trinkets to join their Order.

Yes, I suppose I could be upset that there is someone out there trying to "member steal", but honestly I believe that a person should be allowed to choose whatever Order they'd like to be apart of. In fact, when my Order split from the EOGD we told our students just must make your own decision and we will not get in the way of what you choose.

What did upset me however was the offer to bribe a student to join their Order by "making them an Adept". Call me "out of line" but since when does becoming an Adept come with a bribe? If C.R. hadn't most likely been lifted into the heavens he could very well be rolling over in his Vault right now!

All of my students know that when they come to me I will offer complete honesty. So what did I say? Well I asked him these questions...

Do you want to be in their Order because that it your decision to make. (no need to tell me this answer)

How important is it to you to become and Adept?

Do you want to become an Adept in Spirit and because of the growth it brings, or do you want to become and Adept for the sole purpose of having the title of Adept and some idea of authority and power over students?

(My student answered that he wants to become an Adept in the truest sense, and that he in fact did not want to be a part of the other Order)

Being an Adept is a sacred calling. It is a way of living. You cannot be bribed into true Adepthood, just as you cannot be bribed into enlightenment. It happens through hard work, perseverance and commitment. It comes with integrity, honesty, loyalty and devotion to the Divine. Just because you are given the title of an Adept does not make you one. "But most Adepts haven't made it to 'Adepthood' you might say, and they have the tile V.H. ____yes this is true. But those who have been made Adepts through the proper requirements have also gone through a significant amount of alchemy. Becoming initiated as an Adept means that you are ready for a life-long commitment, that you are committed to enduring the trials of the ego, and that you are ready to think not of yourself, but of others and the betterment of the world.

If one enters into Adepthood because he/she has been bribed into it, what energy do you think that will bring to his/her development? Does it represent the ideals spoken of above? Not only is bribing someone with a title of Adept a grave offense to what it stands for, but it is a grave offense to the student and to the Divine. Being an Adept is a state of mind, a commitment to development. How can you offer a role which represents the utmost in spiritual devotion to the Divine in a way that wreaks of such dishonor?

How can you guide the innocents onto a path of selfishness, conceit, and an addiction to power, when they have entered onto a path seeking enlightenment, fulfillment, and a true relationship with the Divine? The very thought of it is an anti-thesis to the calling of an Adept.

On top of that you have to think about the quality of people who are joining your Order if they are open to"incentives". Do you think they will be loyal to you and stay for the long haul? These will be people who will require that you give them things in return for their service, and as soon they are not getting the grade material that they want, the position that they want, or the power that they want they will leave (unless you can find some other way to manipulate them) Let's say you actually convince someone to join your Order this way and they actually believe that they will reach enlightenment faster by "all of a sudden" becoming an Adept. What will happen when they see that the Current is lacking, and find themselves amongst individuals who are selfish and power seeking? Their stay will be short-lived because you cannot offer them the Truth that you are seeking. So in the end you will have a group of people that will be like a house of cards...ready to fall at the slightest bit of trouble.

Nosce te Ipsum,

Soror FSO


  1. Care VH Sr FSO,

    thank you for this post.

    Are people still really doing this shit? Your response hits the nail on the head here, great stuff.

    Though it would probably cause another ruption in the all to fragile GD détente, I am all for naming and shaming these mung beans. Let the world know which GD leaders offer these baubles in place of spiritual sustenance and growth :)

    Many years back now when first connected to the net, I contacted a few public folk for networking. Mr Zink tried to get me to join his Order/course (HOMSI back then). When I replied that I was fine and happy leading the Perth Order and just wanted to network, he upped the ante and offered me 'advanced' status at 3=8 as an incitement. I was appalled and never replied. Such manoeuvring and empire building has no part in the tradition! And he could have least have offered me a higher grade, lol :)

    Thanks again, Soror and great response :)

  2. "Member Poaching" is a serious breach of ethical behavior within the GD Community, especially when the added force of "grade bribing" is added to that breach of ethics.

    Your blog post clearly elucidates this problem .

    Like Peregrin, I agree that the offending person and Order should be exposed - if not publicly, then certainly privately to the other GD Orders so they can know who and which Orders are willing to stoop to such lengths for Membership and potential "empire building".

    In LVX,

  3. There is something to be said about such people that not only make these offerings but take them as well. They do not belong in our midst. Let them talk, let them play as actors on a stage, let them scheme, and most of all, let them fail. While we are to love all people, it is important to let some people err so that they may learn it is the wrong way. Some won't listen to a voice of reason, it is best to let them be. We are not in the business of "converting" people, for it stands against who we are and what we are for. So I say, you have right to be angry, but please, let them be, for even wasting another moments thoughts on them may drag you down.

    In Love and Light
    Frater IA

  4. There are a couple of people out there who attempt to do this. The names change because they later learn that it is a really bad practice---they literally get the members that they desire.

  5. It is very good post, I can see how it could be an attraction for some, It was offered to us as a group to speed through the grades for me couldn’t do it. I joined the order to work on myself my inner Alchemy; if I was ever called the dross within me has to burn off first. Let’s face it any pillock can put on a white robe and play the spiritual as we have all seen. Happy plodding along

    Shelley x

  6. Well I think it just goes to show you that people who engage in this type of activity do not even believe in the efficacy of the GD system nor the power of High Magic. As someone stated on my Facebook feed, making someone an Adept who has not been properly prepared is like making a doctor a head surgeon when he has not had the can be dangerous. I especially believe this is true when the individual has not even begun his/her alchemy in Portal, which I believe to be one of the most important grades. It is of course the grade where the elemental alchemy is now brought under cohesion by the Spirit point of the Pentagram. This is absolutely essential in being able to deal with the changes that one undergoes in Tiphareth.

    And Sam, apparently there is no need to say whom, this person's reputation has quite preceded anything that I could ever mention. Judging by the responses I have received, is a bit more of an ongoing habit then even I was aware (i.e something that has been continuous and not started due to recent events)

  7. Soror I think your post speaks truly of two separate spirits, one of the true, I shall here call it the Sacred Sphere, and another, I shall call it here, the sphere of illusions. So as you say the choice is theirs, the choice is ours, each of ours. TO know that the work of perfection perfection of the human soul is while momentous it is also most gradual. As one can not rush the alchemy, well most correctly with out the punishment of involution. The best news I can think to pair with this discourse is that every test brings with it joyous rewards and that the voice of truth, once it is recognized "he who aspires to authentic spiritual experiences never confounds the 'intensity' of the experience undergone with the 'truth' revealed, or not revealed, through it. True Adept-hood is indeed a commitment and will never be a title or trappings, ever may we seek the light of hidden knowledge and ever may we be blessed with the thinning of the veils. And may our search be pleasing to the One Most Beautiful Truth.


  8. Wow.

  9. Thank you for this post. I know of one who I love as a sister who stayed. In my heart and in our conversations, promises have been made to her. Promises were made to me as well before the split and I said no to the great consternation of said person. The anger there was felt, but my personal spiritual alchemy is mine and I will not buy my way. I have much more alchemy to go and I treasure the opportunity to experience it myself and truly become an Adept within.

  10. This sort of thing is not as unusual as one might think. In 2005-2007, numerous key HOGD/AO members were approached in this exact same manner. This was being used as a weapon to attempt to harm our order. I was surprised back then to see that there were actually one or two morons who actually took the bait and bit the hook. We were happy to get rid of them before they were able to betray anything unpublished.

    Nonetheless, this sort of nonsense has no place in the Golden Dawn community.

    I am saddened to hear that it is continuing.

    David Griffin

  11. Howdy,

    One thing y'all did not blog say.
    When You advance there is the special power of the sephiroth availible to you BUT;
    Also TEST and pain if you are not truley
    ready for the next grade and such.
    Correct me if I'am wrong but wasn't it said somewhere that If You Claim a grade that you are not truly yet ready for it will choke you and basically mess you up?
    Also, when you compare yourself to others who have truley done the work...
    Do you wanna suck? or be a really aswome mage and EARN your title?...(Unfotunatley it takes upkeep LOL, Still workin on that.)
    I Feel if you truley earn your way through the GD then you will be a Magus In Fact...Not on paper. Don't let peeps bribe you with something that can be taken from you...or
    it's just a pretty Title and WORTHLESS..
    Fr. SID