Friday, June 10, 2011

In Gratitude To You Reader...A Donation to Charity.

Well, I was getting ready to start a blog expounding on some of the mysteries I came across in Waite's book Azoth or The Star of the East, but when I logged onto my blog today I saw that I had 100 followers! Now this may not seem like a lot in comparison to other blogs (or even in the scheme of popular written works) but to me it is a great honor that 100 people would want to read my thoughts, poems, papers, and ramblings. When I began this blog it was a way for me to solidify my thoughts, to get feedback on my opinions, magical practices esoteric research etc., and although it has accomplished these things, it also has become a blessing to me in so many other ways. Since starting this blog I have met so many wonderful people, I have been able to share in so many discussions, and learn so much from the great minds who include their input here and via others blogs. I have been able to witness the Great Work in action amongst those in the community who truly dedicate themselves to spiritual development, and have been inspired over and over again by what I have read and seen. Don't fool may think that the Golden Dawn community is full of drama, and bad-mouthing, and slander, but this is such a samll portion of what is truly represented by the people in our community and in the blogosphere. You are all amazing and inspiring people. I never expected to learn so much and be so blessed. I would just like to say thank all of you who read my blog, to all of you who leave their feedback, and to all of you who've become such great friends and colleagues because of it.

So I ask you to please celebrate with me! I will be donating $100 to a charity. Please leave your suggestion below or on my facebook account and in two days I will put them all in a hat and choose one at random, and let you guys know what charity is the winner! Only one paper per charity will be put in the hat.

Again thank you guys so much...and I promise I will be putting that commentary on Waite's book up in a few days...I really want to give everyone a chance to submit their suggestions.

Pax Profundi,
Nosce te Ipsum.
VH Soror FSO


  1. Care Soror F.S.O.

    I believe that oyu may have even more readers. I am not sure that I am losted as a follower but you would find yourself on my "blogs I read" list. I assume I am not the only one. You are an inspiring source specifically for someone who is working solitary. I also liked your way of dealing with all the recent drama, a reasonable calm voice in a little storm. Thanks for that too.
    I will not make any specific suggestions but I personally would suggest something in the save Nature or refugee work.....

    In L.V.X.

  2. Care Sr FSO,

    thank you, thank you for this post and for this blog. May your actions long inspire others towards generosity and compassion.

    As I have long argued on MOTO compassion and charitable works are often missing from magical lodges and groups. Something we did not take with us from our Masonic antecedents.

    We change our charitable focus at each Equinox, chosen by majority vote. Our constitution requires it to benefit either "the poorest third of humanity or the earth Herself". Maybe those criteria can help?

    Personally, all donations I receive for house clearing, healing etc, I donate to Tibetan nuns. This, for, me serves many functions.

    The young women who become nuns in Tibet, Nepal etc, would often be homeless otherwise, or drift into exploitative prostitution. They normally are extremely poor.

    They are often already refugees.

    Traditionally very few women got a chance to study the Dharma.

    Tibetan Buddhism works with the Land Spirits and the Earth.

    And increasing the number of spiritually adept people can only help the world.

    One of my (easy to access via web) such endeavours is sponsoring a nun at Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo’s nunnery. This is normally $365 USD a year – which pays for the complete living expenses one nun for a year! I know some folk who blow that on booze on heavy weekend :( Anyway, I am sure you could put your kindly donated money to the nuns, if it is not $365. ( There are options to donate to purchase ritual equipment etc, but I personally focus on the nun’s living expenses.

    OK…thanks again, Sr. :)

  3. @ Solitary...thank you :) your response warms my heart and I shall put your suggestion in 'the hat'.

    @Peregrin...thank you for the link. This is certainly something that I would like to donate to in general. One of the issues that is close to my heart is ending sexual slavery as well as ending the "need" for women to result to sexual occupations because of a need for money. Thank you for this link, I'm going to check it out right now. What a wonderful thing it will be to help a fellow sister in her Great Work.

  4. In my mind your blog and your work, together with MOTO and a few other blogs, represent the finest that the western mystery tradition has to offer in the blogoshpere.

    I appreciate the work that Medecins sans frontiers do. They are not totally unlike the red cross / crescent, but unlike that organisation they seem to be able to get more out of the resources that they are given, out to those in need. At least it appeared that way when I compared their swedish counterparts.

    So I nominate Medecins sans frontiers, but I belive that Fr. Peregrin's cause is equally worthy.


  5. Just as many thanks must also go to you, soror, for providing the community with an inspirational blog of such consistently high quality. As one of your 100+ followers, I look forward to your continued posts :-)

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