Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Truth About Robert Zink's "Expulsion"

Avete My Brothers and Sisters,

Unfortunately today I write with a heavy heart. As you know I have been "off the radar" for quite some time. I have said a few times this has been due to my graduate studies, however the real truth is that troubling Order needs have taken up the bulk of my time. I have been remiss in writing this particular blog because it deals with many sensitive issues. However, recent incidents surrounding the announcement of Robert Zink's expulsion have made it necessary that I confirm the truth regarding this incident.

On Febuary 5th a public announcement was made by "The Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn" that Robert Zink had been permanently deposed from his position as Chief and expelled indefinitley. Every claim in this document is true, just as are the names of every Adept of the Second Order including myself.

Due to this announcement please know that the websites and are owned and operated by Robert Zink and thus no longer belong to the Order. We will not be accepting any applications via these websites. You may however visit for links to our Temples and Sanctuaries.

For those of you who may not have seen it I will post the official announcement below. You will note that every Adepts' decision was completely accounted for.

Also, please know that this decision was not made light-heartedly, nor in a spirit of hate or spite. It was made only after much deliberation, reflection, and in communion with those who guide our Order in the material and immaterial. It was made with the heaviest of hearts.

Light in Extension,


Official Announcement February 5th ,2011

Greetings in LVX,

It is come to the point where we of the Second Order have to take the
unfortunate action of deposing former G.H. Frater P.D.R. (Robert Zink) of his
highly influential position and expelling him from the Esoteric Order of the
Golden Dawn. He received the grievances from the Adepti of the Second Order,
but was still given a great deal of time and opportunity to reform his ways. In
response to this, he persists to hold himself above accountability and has gone
to great lengths to secure his own position through surreptitiously ensuring as
much of the Order's assets were under his sole control as possible. There are
many grievances that the Body of Adepti has brought to him, however the main
points that have lead to this final decision are as follows:

1. Robert Zink has taken thousands of dollars from Initiates and Adepti in
return for promised products and services that he did not deliver on, nor
refund. His poor business practices continue to afflict many Initiates and
Adepti and, despite many promises of reform, he has shown no signs of changing
or even slowing down.

2. Robert Zink has used the forums, materials and name of the Esoteric Order of
the Golden Dawn in connection with his personal products and services against
the will of the Second Order and has refused to stop doing so. The result has
been that the public and our own initiates perceive that our Order endorses his
products and services. Let it be clear that the Esoteric Order of the Golden
Dawn does not endorse his products and services, nor do we approve of them at

3. Robert Zink has created and uses several blogs and forums that he has
connected with our Order's name to make personal attacks on other members of the
Golden Dawn Community especially, but not limited to, David Griffin. Let it be
understood, that although David Griffin's Order and ours operate under very
different philosophies and interpretations of the Golden Dawn Tradition, we do
not condone these attacks by Robert Zink and they do not reflect the attitudes
of the Adepti of our Second Order.

4. Robert Zink has abused his position of influence along with his well-studied
knowledge of techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming and psychological
manipulation to endear a substantial number of Outer Order initiates to his
personal unpaid servitude. We find this practice cultish, detestable and in no
way a reflection of the true principles and practices of the Golden Dawn

5. Robert Zink threatened and in several cases has admitted to performing magic
intended to cause harm upon several initiates and Adepti when they attempted to
hold him accountable for his poor business transactions and mistreatment of
members of our Order and their non-initiate family.

As a result of the above points, Robert Zink has sullied the spiritual and
magical development of a great many initiates of our Order. In addition he has
caused great and in many cases irreparable damage to our Order's reputation and
the reputation of the Golden Dawn Tradition as a whole in the eyes of the

It is for these reasons and many others not mentioned here that Robert Zink,
formerly G.H. Frater P.D.R., is stripped of his rank, position, and authority
and expelled from the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn.

Let it be understood that due to his surreptitious actions, the websites of our
Order under the names of and are
under his personal control. All moneys, inquiries and applications sent via
these websites currently go to him personally and do not go to our Order. Any
personal information provided to his sites will ultimately be used by him as
part of his marketing database to promote his personal products. No Temple of
our Order supports him nor will perform initiations on behalf of those from whom
he accepts money and applications. As such, any promise of initiation, astral
or otherwise, that he makes will be a deception.

For the time being the official websites representing the Esoteric Order of the
Golden Dawn as a whole will be those of our two Grand Temples:

Sincerely and in LVX,
The Chiefs and Adepti of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn

The undersigned represent the entire body of the Second Order. With the
exception of only a couple verbal responses, all approval statements are on
file. It should be noted that all the Chiefs and Adepti of our Order, including
the dissenting votes, agree that the accusations given above are true and that
something must be done to protect the public and our own initiates. Those
dissenting disagree only with the action of expulsion. With 3 Chief Adepti vs. 1
for expulsion and one abstention and the overwhelming approval of the Adepti of
the Second Order, this act of expulsion is confirmed.

Approve, GH Frater AA, Chief Adept
Approve, GH Frater ICL, Chief Adept
Approve, GH Frater SI, Chief Adept
Abstain, GH Frater BT, Chief Adept, Nuance: Agrees that the accusations are
true, agrees that Robert Zink's contact with the Outer Order should be cut
Disapprove, GH Frater TDL, Chief Adept, Nuance: Agrees that the accusations are

Approve, VH Frater IC
Approve, VH Frater SD
Approve, VH Soror CMU
Approve, VH Frater CDD
Approve, VH Frater P
Approve, VH Frater VMP
Approve, VH Frater OOA
Approve, VH Soror RT
Approve, VH Frater MD (Ptah)
Approve, VH Frater MD (LLL)
Approve, VH Frater PV
Approve, VH Soror AEI
Approve, VH Frater ID
Approve, VH Soror POIO
Approve, VH Soror VPP
Approve, VH Frater FOF
Approve, VH Soror SM
Approve, VH Frater SA
Approve, VH Frater CE
Approve, VH Soror B
Abstain, VH Frater SLS, Nuance: Agrees that the accusations are true, agrees
that Robert Zink's contact with the Outer Order should be cut
Abstain, VH Soror P, Nuance: Agrees that the accusations are true, agrees that
Robert Zink's contact with the Outer Order should be cut
Disapprove, VH Frater DN (D), Nuance: Agrees that the accusations are true
Disapprove, VH Frater DN (T), Nuance: Agrees that the accusations are true,
agrees that Robert Zink's contact with the Outer Order should be cut


  1. Cara V.H. Soror,

    I have always held you in deep respect because of what you have shown on this blog. What you have shown us all during all this time is that you and your Temple members has always done serious work, in spite of your former Chief and his antics. Your latest words only make my faith in you more firm.

    Therefore I would like to extend my personal salutations to both yourself and all of your fellow Adepti of the EOGD Second Order collage. You have all shown courage and determination through these times of test and trial.

    It also feels good to know that all the attacks from Zink against the HOGD/A+O doesn't at all represent the attitudes of the EOGD Adepti. All this time, this was Zink's own personal war, nothing else.

    In Licht, Leben und Liebe,

  2. Care VH Soror,

    While knowing nothing directly of this issue as it does not concern me, I wish you well and deep peace at what obviously is a very trying and difficult time on many levels. I hope you, your Order and GH Fr PDR find go well into the future. :)

  3. Avete,

    Thank you brothers. It indeed has been a trying time. I can't tell you how inspired I am by my brothers and sister who have shown the fortitude needed to overcome this challenge. As well I am inspired by the willingness of the Golden Dawn community to support us. We also here at the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn offer our hands in friendship and peace, and look forward to working in tandem with all groups of the Golden Dawn to bring the Light of this wonderful tradition to many.

    In Peace and Love,


  4. Soror FSO,

    Please know that our Temple is sending light and blessings for all parties involved. We wish the best to our fellow Fratres and Sorores and hope that the events and effects will have little ill effect, and will pass quickly.

    Love and Blessings to All,

    Frater MTO

  5. MTO,

    Thank you Frater for you kind words and support. Can't wait to check your blog out!


  6. Soror FSO,

    It is great news and I am so glad the EOGD can move on without being an order whose presence is dominated by one single personality and style.
    May light go to all involved and I know that, with all the magical expertise and depth among the different adepti, great things will happen in the future!
    In Light, Love, Truth and Knowledge

  7. Give thanks for such a polarization of force to allow so much growth to occur! LVX IN EXTENSION!

    In Love, Truth, Knowledge, and Light


  8. I wish for your order and you as well to find the peace needed after this experience.

    In light,

  9. I am truly sad that it has taken so long for this asshole to be excommunicated. He has been lying, stealing,and abusing for years and will continue. He will never change. One can only hope that the 3rd order will exact retribution for his actions.He is now promoting himself as and MBA. I don't think he even finished High School. He certainly was never initiated in ANY
    grade of the Golden Dawn. How can one initiate if one has never been initiated?
    He is truly evil. His wife is just as guilty as she goes along with him and morally supports him. Not an order that I would want anything to do with.I hope others feel the same way and see the truth. Bobby's money machine. Looking into his eyes one can actually see the evil, kind of like Lavey. I do see a similarity. Lavey reincarnated.Good ol' Anton is back!