Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Divine Love Spent In the Midst of Two Lovers

Avete, it's been awhile...again. I have spent the past few months readying myself for graduate school. In the fall I will begin my journey to getting a Master's degree in bio-medical engineering, so I have been a busy bee. To say the universe has blessed me as of late would be an understatement. Truly, in the darkness shines the Light, although we may not always see it.

Below is my new poem inspired by a wonderful friend who was able to show me over the past few months that Divine Love shines in all areas...even the ones which sometimes try to sweep us away. Earlier today he showed me a poem that he wrote when he was fifteen which suddenly made its way back into his life again. It's theme an expression of love felt throughout the ages. To some love is a savior, to others a demon bringing pain, and still to others and obsessive thought that deters them from life's responsibilities. But the true essence of love is Divine. God is love, and it shares its love with us along the path of our Great Work should we choose to see it, even during times of distress. Here then is a poem about a true, healthy love experienced between two people, a love centered in the Divine Sacred which then feeding off of its own essence sheds its Light unto the world around. May we all seek to find true, unselfish, universal love. May we be selfless enough to not hinder it whether it may seem to stay or go, and may we seek to find its essence in all things.

Divine Love Spent In The Midst of Two Lovers

Sweetly, beautifully,
You touched me in the moonlight,
Your passing hand an eternity
On my waking flesh.
Too long have our
Souls been bound together
Yet, our existence left asunder
Waiting for the meeting of the Fates.
Gentle kisses fill the air
Hungered by the loss of time.

Mental connotation has no breadth for
Length of time we must have
Known each other in lives
Past spent.
Born from the universe together
To meet and share its living wine
In you I see the spirit
To know you is Divine
Fortitude, set forth to conquer
The flames, and floods, and shadows
Of the sleepless night.
For we have had the patience of
The gods in wait,
We have forged through life
Growing old, and wise
Until the night there was reflected
Across the room
Two pairs of profound
And ubiquitous blue eyes.

Enveloped in a sweet perfume
Of timeless sway
I now touch the the quivering
Hands which lay
Themselves upon my soul.
And though the sands of time might waver,
Though our scented bodies fade
This fire burns too bright
To fade this time
When life's short journey
Makes its way.

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