Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Day the GD Stood Still

When I started this blog I pledged to myself that I would not get into politics, if we want that there are pleeeeenty of other blogs, and websites, and forums that cover it. But, today I am practically pining for the fijords as I anxiously await the peace-talks to ensue...peace talk? you say?

It seems as if David Griffin of the HOGD is actually trying to make peace! I like many was warry when he mentioned that this was the new goal of the HOGD. But, recently he has made some bold moves to prove his willingness. Not only is he denouncing such blog trolls as "The Golden Dawn Insider" and "The Golden Dawn Observer", but he is taking down defamatory material, and is now willing to work with a mediator from the EOGD! However, I believe only time will tell. If Robert Zink and the other leaders of the Golden Dawn are going to believe him, I think its going to take a continued effort on the part of his Order to prove it. Unfortunatly, I am afraid that he may not be willing to if people don't automatically respond in a positive light, thus I hope that he will be the "bigger" man and continue to do as he says, even if others don't follow his requests up front. If they see he is serious, I believe this could mean great change.

But where is the GD community! I have never seen the boards so inactive! All I hear are the sweet chirps of crickets! Did everyone take a cyanide pill and go to sleep?

I have another bit of opinion to throw out there. One of the people on the Golden -Dawn Worldwide Forum, "Aima Elohim" ( who seems to be quite popular today) posted earlier that he/she was willing to be the mediator, he also made a point that I would like to promote here lest it get lost in the hopefully soon to come flood of posts on the forums.

Aima offered that anyone who is not a leader of the GD may contact him at thier personal account with thier opinions on how to end the flame war and promote harmony. What I like about this, is that the little people should also take some resposibilty to end this war. It is our Golden Dawn too! If you are against it say so, say it loud, and post it whenever possible. Put something on your blog, or website, or forum that says "End The Flame War!", write the leaders of these groups and tell them that you do not approve of this behavior. Boycott blogs and websites that promote it! Let those people out there who are not apart of the Golden Dawn community, but may be seeking it know that they do not speak for the majority of us. This is not how the community at large feels, and this is not what we support! If you feel the same way, then I invite you to sign the comment section at the end of this blog to show that you seek Golden Dawn harmony.

I promise my next blog will be of a more scholarly nature...I believe, it will be about the effects of sin on magic.