Monday, May 11, 2009

Magic's Beauty

Magic never ceases to amaze me. Whenever I need it most it always ups the ante to comfort me in some way. When I begin to feel the "dry work" upon me or I have been under an incredible amount of stress, at my lowest point something amazing always happens as if God is right there whispering "Don't worry, I haven't left you". The path of the Golden Dawn has changed me in a variety of ways, but the real gift it has given me is the ability to hear and understand God.

Very frequently, we hear people spout out little euphemisms that allude to being able to hear God in the "little things", or "unusual circumstances", or in the "eyes of children" etc. All of which are very true, God is within everything, and is everywhere. But, what magic provides is the opportunity to know for sure what God is telling us, to knock at the door, to know its been answered, and to say "Hey I really need you right now!" and to be able to have a real discussion with the Creator. After you have learned the techniques of magic, it is a farce to believe that your relationship has to be one-sided, or that you have to play an eternal "guessing game" to know what's right for your life.

The energy going around the Golden Dawn community has been weighing heavily on me recently. I've tried to sluff it off but dammit! I really love this path, and it hurts me to see it being ruined by selfish people. So, last night I did some healing magic. I really needed to re-center myself in the Divine and in the Truth so that I could start to function properly in the real world. I rose on the planes and let my consciousness transfer itself into the Kether Sphere. I have always had a significant problem with this as my consciousness attempts to flip back and forth between where I'm traveling and where I've been. But last night, I got a little push and had one of the most beautiful experiences of my magical life.

I had always imagined that this place would be completely description less, but here I was having the most vivid experience of my magical life. Not only was I communing with my H.G. but I was one with my H.G. On my right side was the sky, a perfect clear silver-blue with a crescent moon, as real as if I were looking at it through my home telescope.( this represented my path through Gimel) On the other side was a mountain engulfed in clouds except for the peak which was jutting out- Mt. Abiegnus! I was in the middle between the two paths and the universe was a light-filled extension of me, and I was an extension of it. The beauty of it is what is description less, a state of total unity, freedom, and love. It was exactly what I needed.

Sometimes, its easy to forget that the sacrifices we make will lead to something, and that we do have the power to heal ourselves and others. But, the power to make changes is real.
I'd like to speak to each and everyone of you personally that is reading this blog and ask you.

Are you doing the Work that is leading you to true fulfillment? or are you doing the Work that is leading to self-fulfillment? Are you letting yourself have a real relationship with the Divine? If not, what is stopping you, what are you doing, and is it worth it? You deserve to have experiences like this everyday, and more! You are a child of the Divine. Don't let other people keep you from that, and don't keep yourself from it either. Use your magic to have a real relationship with the Divine and you will experience great blessings in your life.

Nosce Te Ipsum


  1. You were able to convey a some of the real beauty of your experience. It comes trough in the post as a real force. Something that is not to common to my experience.

    You end with a couple of important questions for people on the path. I will think of this today.

    Live well and God bless,

    In LVX

  2. Thank you both for reading my blog. I have been enjoying yours as well. I am hoping that it will give people the inspiration they need to continue on in the Great Work.

    S.R. I have been enjoying your blogs as well
    S.S. May I get an invite to yours?

    Peace to you both!

  3. Peace to you too Soror FSO,

    There should not be any need for an invite, since it is open to the public. To make sure that you have easy access I'll post the link here on your blog: