Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Can't Be Your Superman!

And now for a candid announcement....Sometimes I think the "B" in blog stands for bullshit. First of all having the ability to post whatever you want on the internet gives people the false impression that they are an "authority" which gives them permission to wag their dicks in anyone's faces about any subject what so ever....yes, I'm sure there is some comfort being a keyboard cowboy from the privacy of your own living room knowing you can say whatever you like and no one is going to come to your door and punch you in the face. Secondly, it's very funny how people begin to acquire a belief that just because you write a blog that means you wear some kind of "S" on you're chest and you can go around saving the world, physically swooping in to stop evil in it's tracks...and when you don't, well, hell hath no fury like an "Anonymous Poster" scorned...

And thus in light of these things above, from the comfort of my living room, key-board cowboy style, I'm going to break down this reality check for some of you real quick...(obviously this post is not meant for everyone)

1. Soror FSO posts things to her blog that she believes are relevant and worth her time. Whereas you may have a day job and get to sit at home surfing the internet with nothing else to do after work or during work my time is precious. Getting a MA degree in physics/biomedical engineering is no easy feat, and when I am not spending 40hrs a week on my homework I have a child, husband, house, students, and if I have the time, some magic to attend to. This means that responding to every moan, bitch, and complain that crosses the internet regrading "The Golden Dawn" is not on my agenda. If it's relevant and I believe makes an impact I will take the time to write about it...i.e. I did not feel that "Robert Zink" coming down to the Temple of Isis was anything to sneeze at. Yes, when rampaged around the internet and various blogs it sure seemed like the apocolypse had come and gone...the truth of the matter is that it was more like a fly landing on your back at the beach, annoying to say the least. Which brings me to my next point.

2. Robert does not have control of anything except the hearts and minds of five people....count 'em baby uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco, sies!...Hot Damn! One whole hand! Maybe if Robert works really hard and doesn't screw anyone over by stealing anyone else's credit card information he might get that up to two hands pretty quickly...a far cry from the few hundred students which used to be apart of that Order...Did you know that when Sideshow Bob showed up to EQ, the Adepti and members vacated the premises?! Essentially Robert went down there and played "Big Fish in a Small Pond", Imperator of five people...go Robert!, after all those years you're back to where you started. And for those of you who are so "pissed" that we "let" Robert have the Temple did you also know that the lease of Isis is in the hands of those few people who love Robert so much? O! that gives me such great legal grounds to go down there and shut that whole "operation" down. Super Soror to the rescue!

3. Soror FSO is not apart of the EOGD anymore, and doesn't care what they do. Yes, I could get all upset and say "O, well Robert still has the ability to hurt people", but first of all, I did not sign up to be the Robert Zink police. I have been doing that since I was a Theoricus, and was even proudly kicked out of the Order twice because I got on Robert's bad side for not 'cowtowing' to his whims. Short of going up to La Crosse, WI and doing something illegal that will put me in jail there is really nothing else that can be done. The ownership of Isis is in the hands of those few who stayed with him. The rest of us few hundred people who were in that Order no longer have anything to do with him, them, or however they decided to live their's democracy at its finest. So for all you little "Judgemental Judys" out there who want to act like we are the bad guys, I would like to make it clear that you have just as much power to do something about him as I do which includes...

1.Not recognizing him as a member of the Golden Dawn community

2. Boycotting his forums and blogs which include the World-Wide Forum

3.Suggesting to people whom he screws over that they press charges on him..which is the right thing to do. ( I would do this, but I never gave him a red cent)

4. Offering something better than what he has to offer

5. Informing those who may show interest to do a small amount of research

6. Help me to write an "Initiates Bill of Rights" which I will be making my next blog post about.

So now, Soror FSO is going to do what she has been wanting to do since she was a Theoricus and finally has the ability to do... be apart of an Order full of people I respect, enjoy doing magic, enjoy not dealing with drama, and that includes the internet bullshit. Most likely, (unless I feel its really relevant to discuss) this will be my last blog post which even gives credence to the Golden Dawn drama. There is so much more to this beautiful tradition and its time for me, and all of us to start living it. If you feel the same way, I say let's fill the internet, it's blogs, and forums with information that will light the way for people seeking the Light, let's turn our focus back to the Divine. Lets stop "defending the tradition" and start showing people our knowledge, our growth, and how to live the life of a mage...let's show them the tradition. Yes, I know there will always be those drama queens who can't quit gossiping, but I've learned its up to you whether you want to involve yourself in it or not. One can just as easily read a blog relevant to magic where they will learn something as they can read a blog that is essentially the "National Enquirer" of the Golden Dawn. Be an informed magician, be a smart magician. Ask questions, do research, study magic...leave all the distraction behind.


  1. Soror FSO,

    On this subject, you will be missed.

    I have been hooked on reading all about the magi-drama that has been going on in several blogs about the EOGD, the anonymous and identified cast of characters, and the antics of zink. It's like being on the edge of your seat watching a good movie, except sometimes its a while before the next scene.

    None of that is meant to minimize or detract from your well expressed and well deserved announcements.

    I hate to see one of the good characters go away on this subject, but it is greatly understood.

    You guys could all be in one hell of a "reality show."

    Long days and pleasant nights to you.

  2. Care VH Sr FSO,

    a brilliant and heart felt post. Thank you :)

  3. Ka, don't worry there are plenty of other people out there that can keep you entertained ;)

    Peregrin, thank you, your opinions are always well recieved. :)

  4. I love you Super Kukla, we have so much to catch up with and am very proud of you. The future looks much brighter now.

    O nounos sou meh poly agape!

  5. Care et VH Soror FSO,
    I truly hope that the good brothers and sisters of EOGD's Isis temple will read this. Robert has created a myth that the four walls do a GD temple make. This is simply not true. The lease to a building does not make or break a temple. In fact, this notion of "dormitory-like" live-in temples has nothing to do with the traditional Golden Dawn. This is yet another of Sideshow Bob's brilliant inventions.
    The Fratres et Sorores of EOGD's Isis temple should simply go on meeting without Bob. Meet in someone's living room if they have to. Use cardboard, cut-out implements in the beginning if they have to.

    My point is that it is not the props that make a temple - IT IS THE FRATRES ET SORORES THEMSELVES.

    Let the "fab five" hang out with Robert in an empty compound reminiscent of those once operated by the Solar Temple suicide cult in Switzerland and Canada if they like!

    This certainly does not prevent the real EOGD Isis from continuing to meet without Robert and all of his New Age nonsense and credit card fraud.