Thursday, March 17, 2011

Repost From Nick Farrell's Blog: 10 Signs an Occult Leader Has Lost The Plot

Nick nails it on the head!

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  1. Soror FSO,
    Has the Occult community thought of devising something like an Occult Student's Bill of Rights or similar kind of document?

    This document could serve as a guideline of what a healthy, respectful Order where a student can grow spiritually should look like.

    It would not have to name call or list exact past bad examples of chiefs and leaders who have gone astray.

    Since things are so secretive in Orders, it seems like a published Bill of Rights on an internet sit that is not associated with any one Order, that people could refer to periodically might be helpful.

    It would not really matter if any Orders actually adopted it into their material or not, it would be a general document that everyone could refer to from time to time to keep perspective.