Monday, April 27, 2009


I'd like to first mention to all my readers that my blogs will cover the subject of magic and self-development thru theurgy. Although I am a trained magician I will not discuss how to preform certain rituals, as I believe that you should be initiated and properly trained by a mentor. I will however direct you to sources that will give you proper training if you are interested, and discuss experiences etc...if you contact me. No one should have to go without the ability to be trained correctly if thier heart is truly in the Great Work. May you all stay the course and be united with your Higher and Divine Genius.

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  1. Care Soror FSO,

    I am following thsi blog and other GD blogs since a while now and finally decided to start my own. I am a solitary practitioner in the GD tradition. As much as I agree with that it is best to have a mentor and experiencing real live initiation, this is is not always possible. So I am depending on me, my books and the internet. I may take the freedom and your offer to ask questions if I have any if that is ok. It is always good to (be able to) benefit from the more experienced. As you said, my heart is truly in the Great Work and I am not an absolute beginner. However, there is much to do...

    Greetings in L.V.X.
    Fra Arcad - S.L.