Thursday, April 30, 2009

Osiris vs. Yeshua

Ooooo, I know! the title sounds so combative, but in no means have I meant it to be so. I do hope that is has wetted your apetite. I promised at the end of my blog yesterday that I would muse about the experiential natures and differences between Osiris and Yeshua. Remember that this is a blog based on my own experiences, and not scholastic endevor, so please leave your "Booky Wook" knowledge at the door...

Osiris, Ra, and Yeshua all come from the same egregore of being Solar Dietis who had experienced having elements of themselves destroyed and renewed. However, I would not say that any of them could be likened specifically to another, not even Osiris and Yeshua...although they are very closely related. If we look at the differnces in the Inner and Outer Orders of the Golden Dawn it will be easy for us to understand how they are both related, why they should both be utilyzed, but why it is more appropriate for the Adept to move into working with the egregore of Yeshua.

In the Outer Order the goal of the student is to work on his or her own microcosm. This involves taking each element, seperating it, purifying it, and then placing it back together under the presedency of the Spirit. For this type of work, attempting to unite with Osiris is best due to the fact that the legends and energy surrounding him focus on Osiris as an individual being torn apart, and then resurrected on a more perfected level. To clarify, this act is associated with the microcosmic individual. Yeshua, also had the elements of his body destroyed, but the purpose was one of a selfless nature, to help all of mankind achieve the same exhaltation of being united with the Ineffable. This is why Osiris is more microcosmically signifigant for the Outer Order initiate and why he is placed on the throne as Hierophant, he represents the completed Work of the Outer Order initiate whose goal it is to perfect his microcosm.

By the time the initiate reaches Adeptus Minor, the hope is that he/she will have progressed far enough into the work to have unified with Osiris. Now, this does not mean he/she is absolutly perfected, but now he should have a certain amount of control over those lesser elements so that he can begin the next stage of the Work, for a good paper on this subject go to

Now, the Work of the initiate begins to expand outside of his/her microcosm. The Work that he is to undertake will not only help to further purify himself, but will now be applied to helping others do the same. This is why the egregore of Yeshua is far more powerful. The role of Yeshua as a Solar Diety is one of self-sacrifice and selflessness to attain enlightenment. This takes place on both the terrestrial (helping younger brethren, working at the Temple, getting together grade materials etc...) and the spiritual ( working toward humilty, detachment, simplicity etc...)

What I have found from my personal experience is that working with Osiris gives me a great feeling of streangth and refreshment and it gives me great power in my ritual work. With Yeshua I feel the deeper spiritual gifts being awakened in me, a deep sense of holiness, peace, and joy. As a Rosicrucian I work with Yeshua on a daily basis. I have found that not only am I enoying the fruits of the spirit more frequently,(love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control) becoming a person of higher integrity, but my magical power is being drawn from subtler and more powerful fields of existance, ones that are more deeply connected to the Spirit. Thus, I love to work with Osiris when I am trying to gain control over my elemental nature (toughts, feelings, passions)but, being devoted to Yeshua allows me to work with the most subtle and powerful essences of the spirit. I couldn't have gotten to the latter without the former, and I think that is exactly what the Golden Dawn system was aiming for, to give one a bridge through work with the Osirian current so one could more fully give themselves over the Greater Mysteries.


  1. Care Sr FSO,

    thanks for this post. You make some excellent points and explain well how the traditional Osiris and Yeheshuah "currents" were viewed and utilised in the GD. :)

    Just for interest, I have known Orders based on the GD which have gone pretty much the whole way in either current. One of my teachers was a member of a Christian mystical group which changed the Outer Order material and grades to fully reflect the Jewish mysteries that lead up to the Incarnation.

    The Portal was seen as the Annunciation, the 5=6 with its subgrades as the Incarnation, Crucifixion and Resurrection. The 6=5 as the 40 Days of Ministry and the 7=4 as the Assumption.

    An Egyptian based Order I know works with various forms of Asar, Osiris including a Comsic form in the Inner Order.

    All this shows the flexibility of our broader tradition, though whether we can call these Orders "GD" is another question.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    The Incarnation was seen as the PO, Christ's

  2. Osiris vs. Yeheshua the Death Match ....or is that Life Match or maybe both...Hmmmm. Great post thank you.

  3. Posts like these make me understand some of the subtler sides of the Golden Dawn tradition in a much clearer light.

    Thank you for writing this.

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