Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Becoming Osiris, A Battle Cry

At one point during the long, often times, torturous climb up the mountain of Abiegnus, I had a very distinct experience that left me as a new person. This was very intimate, one that I am not at liberty to speak of in detail, but for lack of being able to give a proper description, we will call it attaining the Knowledge and Conversation with my Higher Genius... however I would attribute a much deeper description to the event...After this moment occured (now that I think of it, it was a melding of moments into one confirmation) I was over-joyed, humbled, shocked....there are so many words that can describe finally reaching a destination that one has sought for so long... but what I didn't realize was that it was actually just the start of the journey. The end is the beginning is the end...

If one were to refer to the Pert-em Hru, The Book of Coming Forth by Day, which the 0=0 initiation is based on, you will see that even after the initiate become purified and revivified as Osiris, he still has a long and arduous jouney before he reaches immortality.

Having the K&C does not mean that you have reached perfection. It means that you have gained the necessary tools to obtain it. You may have perfected the elements of your microcosm so that they work together seemlessly, as one unit to get you to your destination, rather than fighting against each other, but you are still have to face forces greater than yourself. After one has the ability to commune with thier Higher Genius, they have to use it to learn what thier purpose is, then fulfill it...this is a whole new aspect to the Great Work. It also means that you have to regularly use this great gift. Unfortunatly, just because you can speak to your HG and it may be knocking at your door, does not mean that you are opening it!

So, its important to remember, no matter which state of the Great Work you are at, that you keep the goal firmly in your mind, whether it be the K&C or to obtain the Philosopher's Stone. And when forces seek to throw you off the path, internally or externally, hold on strongly to the image of the Divine, whom all power is given through, that you will have the streangth to stay the course. Take upon yourself the perfected elements of Osiris and the streangth of Horus, and prepare for battle!

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