Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Osiris to Ra- A Magical Working

I like to complement my scholastic work with ritual work. Recently, I have been doing some in depth research into the Pert-em Hru as a way to more deeply understand the 0=0 initiation. In it, it talks not only about how the initiate becomes united with Osiris, but how he then uses this relationship to further unify with Ra. We always talk about the former in the Golden Dawn, but never the latter. To me, this is unfortunate as it seems we forget a large piece of the puzzle. One could say that it is un-needed if one chooses to take the path of an Adept and explore the mystical Christian traditions, but I wanted to see for myself. Thus, today I decided that I would take upon myself the double godforms of Osiris and Ra so that I could feel the natural progression from one to the other, and notice the differences in energy as well as what happens when they become united.

Osiris is always an amazing godform to work with. Today I felt the constant cycle of regeneration emanating from me, as well as an invincible quality of the newly resurrected Osiris after he had been torn apart by Set. I contemplated the work of the Outer Order and how after you have had all the elements taken apart, purified, and placed back together you do feel an internal quality of wholeness, a state of consciousness that is constantly with you and allows you to maintain inward peace to a certain extent during all events. Now, for those of you who have been through Portal, you may agree that this is not an immediate transition. Learning to work with the Spirit element can be quite difficult, however, after the integration occurs a new state of consciousness, referred to as the Lesser Stone takes the place of the dried out, ripped apart feeling, you may have been experiencing due to the previous stages of internal alchemy. This state is that what was evoked in my during my work with Osiris, this state of a new self, an indestructible self that had weathered the storm.

Next, I took upon myself the Ra godform. I have done these godforms both separately before but never together. Immediately I was overcome with a sense of great power. It was a power of being a god of gods, rather then a god over men, as Osiris is. This was the power to create, as the sun gives life, and the power to destroy, as it can take it away. This was not an ego driven power, but instead the power of completion, the power to perfectly emanate the source energy from the indescribable Divine.

I sat and let the godforms integrate themselves into my sphere of sensation. I contemplated on the similarities between Osiris being torn apart by Set, and needing to be rejuvenated, and Ra having to face Apep on his nightly journey. It seems no matter which state of consciousness you reach there will always be a force trying to hinder you. However, in these cases that the inhibiting force merely acts as a ground to make the soul that much more powerful.

Now, how do I feel this compares to the Christian mysteries of the Inner? That I think will be the topic of tomorrow's blog...


  1. I really hadn't considered trying these to forms together. It sounds amazing. You know Soror thank you. I believe that we forget sometimes the purpose of connecting with the the Godforms. Great work.

  2. Care Sr FSO,

    I have just found your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts. I am particularly pleased at your willingness to describe your personal and transpersonal experiences from the practices of our tradition.

    Please continue blogging.

  3. Thank you to you both, I also look foward to further writings in your blogs.

    Your Sister In the Great Work....